——  Propionaldehyde  ——

Product name Propionaldehyde
English name Propionaldehyde
Alias Aldehyde C(3); Methylacetaldehyde; propaldehyde; propanal; Propionaldhyde; Propionic aldehyde; Proprionaldehyde; Propyl aldehyde; propylic aldehyde;
CAS RN 123-38-6
EINECS No. 204-623-0
Molecular formula C3H6O
Molecular weight 58.0791
Physico-chemical properties Properties Colorless, transparent, and inflammable liquid with suffocating odor.
Melting point -81℃
Boiling point 47.9℃
Relative density 0.7970
Refractive index 1.3619
Flash point -7.22~-9.44℃
Uses In producing synthetic fiber, rubber accelerator, anti-aging agent, and etc. As antifreeze agent, lubricant, dehydrant, and etc.

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